Typical “Cargo weight” for airliners

for realism sake, i was wondering what typical/average cargo weight I should add on the aircraft. I.E flying from SLC to DFW in an 320, how much should i put in for cargo? what about a long haul flight I.E ORD to EGLL in a 767/777?

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Full fuel the change your ID to heavy. What ever else. And passengers and cargo should be 2,734.52 lbs……just did that off of the top of my head and I can’t remember the last time I used a calculator for my mind is calibrated sharply. And for the second use the 777 and low fuel for the wing span will deal with the forces that are trying to rip your wings off and maximizing the cargo to infinity if you want but look out not to land with higher weight than the maximum landing weight.

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I don’t think planes are 2 million lbs.

I recommend using Simbrief for your flights, as it gives you a realistic generated amount of passengers and fuel based of your flight conditions (aircraft, length of flight etc.)

From my experience on the ramp, the narrowbodies don’t typically carry cargo, only bags - the way I calculate it is I generate a pax number and then multiply that by 30 or 40 kilograms to get a total cargo number

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what? 💀

it’s 2,734.52

there’s a decimal

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Must have probably just misread it, hopefully he looks back.

Hiya, I recommend doing your number of passengers x30. So each passenger has 30 kg ‘allowance’. That’s your passenger allowance.

So let’s say you’re looking at a 777, that’s going to be about, 8000kgs worth of cargo. For long haul aircraft, I’d add up to 150% of the passenger weight as cargo. For short haul aircraft, I’d add about 20-50% - This is really route dependant though, sometimes there is no extra cargo SLC-DFW won’t have much if any additional cargo.

It’s completely up to you, though, using Infinite Flight FPL Converter is also a great indicator.

Hope this helps

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