Type rating for your preferred aircraft


I was thinking since there is ATC hiring why not do a type rating on the aircraft you want. I would like to hear what you think?


Nice idea. Tell me more.


So we organise a team that focuses on a certain aircraft for the month. For example for the month October we focuse on the Boeing 757-200 or the Airbus A330 depending on where the need is greater. Do some exams on them and tutorials before they are fully qualified to fly on a certain aircraft


It would certainly help the cause of four A380’s stalling on landing today and clogging the wait line back to the parking in KSAN .


You were Ground ATC for KSAN today right


Yeah and then I flew and saw you again


Heheh ya anyway back to the topic I think this is a great idea and should be implemented


Sounds great actually. And it’s true, I rarely see an A380 Land below a rate of -400 VS