Type of waypoint

What are these types of waypoints called? I am not too sure.

482735N/010734E and how can I add these in my FPL.

They’re coordinates, I believe. I’m not sure how you can implement them into your flight plan other than from fpltoif or SimBrief.

I’m not sure what type, i think you an add them by typing them in the search box of your FPL menu.

Ok so coordinates, and you can like I said, type them in.

I used to do that before I learned about the copy/paste tool on fpltoif (don’t shame me for this). It never worked.

Works for me? 🤔

Same but I dont really know what its called

As I said before,

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There is a #tutorials on how tonender them in your FPL:
How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL

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