Type for ATC as separate option

Hello, Hope everyone is having a good day!
I was just ghosted because of a miscommunication between approach and tower. If i were able to contact tower/approach using type for ATC. To prevent abuse, it could only be implemented on Expert.
I know this is a duplicate but no one has responded for almost two years now.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean here. Care to elaborate more?


But I am not an IFATC… so how could I have ghosted you?

Instead of pushing buttons there should be another option to type commands for atc so it could be clearer

it would be for pilots too

Oh I see now, thanks.

If you were ghosted the staff/moderation team can work to find a resolution for this with the pilot and the controller. We are always here to help :)


I am already in contact with a controller and a mod. Thanks!!

Okay glad to hear. Thanks for the quick response.

But I think this will be quite hard to add to the game because anyone could write something random into the box

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that’s why it’s for expert only.

Ok I think I get you

But there are still trolls on expert, grade doesn’t mean maturity


How about a Filter that block abuse word, swear word, and that is not relate to ATC.


i like that a lot

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I honestly don’t believe there’s anything really missing or wrong in the current communication menu that can cause confusion. We’ve had it for years now and it’s been working well and improved over time.

Rather than creating a feature request I suggest you to contact the controller, find out exactly why you were ghosted and see what you can learn from this.


@azeeuwnl it’s my understanding that the purpose of this request is for some redundancy in Infinite Flight for those instances where the pilot is unable to contact the controller via the typical user interface and practices we are accustomed too.

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If I may add, if you are experiencing issues where you believe there is an issue with your communications with the controller you have some options. You could change your Callsign to NORDO and the controller will get you into the airport the best they can but be sure to follow their directions (heading, altitude, pattern entry and clearance number)

Example: You were originally Callsign- Qantas 232 but realize there’s a communication issue. You could then change your Callsign real quick to NORDO and follow their instructions.

Also, although inconvenient you could divert to another airport and worse case scenario I’d end the flight, reboot your device and verify you have a good internet connection.

Sorry for the long winded ness of this but we want to offer as many solutions to you as possible to provide the best service.


what does nordo stand for?

An aircraft flying without radio communication or has had a radio failure etc

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