TylerShah's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @NA

Hello my name is Tyler and I would like to be IFATC one of these days :) feel free to stop by and give me feedback


Departing runway is 33L
Arriving runway is 33R
Pattern runway 34

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Going to swing by!

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Feedback from 180736ZMAR20 - Fat Albert 503

Overall, I was able to get rolling and up and perform a few patterns with no shortages of my own errors to create trouble. I noticed that when Hawaiian 23 was on his final approach he waited quite a while to be cleared but I also do not recall hearing any Intention across the Frequency from that aircraft/pilot.

Don’t be afraid to reissue instructions and sequence along the way with another aircraft enters the pattern. Hawaiian could have been issued a Enter straight in 20R; Fat Albert 503, #2 behind the aircraft on final, 20R for the option; and then he could have been cleared prior to me. Additionally, as I was cruising at 200~ kts at the time, I could have received Maintain Slowest Practical Speed to assist with separation.

Additionally, please issue an Exit Runway command to aircraft when they reach a safe speed / rolling.

I’ll link some tutorials that have been linked to me as well.

Cheers; oh and have a look at some of the other Tracking threads as it is recommended to keep your first post generic and then use your own reply as a way to track. The community has been grand at sharing information so expect no shortage of feedback, tutorials, and answers to any questions you might have.

Tower Arrivals and Tower Basic(s)


Hey, I was V-NEO in the A318. Pretty good job but still some stuff to improve.

Here is some feedback:
Ground was great, nothing much to say.


  • Don’t clear me for takeoff if I didn’t ask to takeoff. Firstly because I might not be ready but most importantly you don’t know my intentions. I could’ve asked you for a departure instead of remaining in the pattern.

  • First sequence was good. You need to sequence me everytime I do a pattern, I didn’t receive my sequence on my second one. Should’ve been “number 2 traffic to follow is on final” because I was supposed to follow Fat Albert 503.

  • Cleared me to land even though I requested touch and go. If I hadn’t reported my position you wouldn’t have noticed your error. You rectified it though 👍.

  • No exit runway command.

Overall good, few mistakes that can be easily fixed! You can definitely make it to IFATC with a bit more practice!


Thanks guys I appreciate it.

@Neeson52 listeneing to the voice ATC I knew something was off and I was going back to check what you wanted


Whoever was Link 44 I know I was supposed to say number 2 traffic to follow is on … I completely forgot. and I was telling you to slow down and extend downwind so I can accommodate the Moron that wanted to go against traffic.

I am open at PHNL

Departing runway is 8L/8R/4R
Arriving runway is 4L/8L

Spawning as Walter 503

I thought I closed this. But apparently I didn’t.

Whoever is controlling is not me. Sorry for the confusion


Departing runway is 12R/12L
Arriving runway is 12R/12L

Are you open?

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I am lonely and doing homework in hopes some someone coming soon

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I am on my bed flying a flight simulator without my parents knowing I sleep at 3am. Anyways spawning in a 787-9 with my virtual airline callsign!

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I have stayed up all night with infinite flight before lol

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That’s almost happened

purposely ignoring the guy wanting ot take off in other direction

I’m a 23 year old pilot who is playing a sim because most aircraft are grounded. We’re all struggling lmao

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aint that the truth

Tbh Idk I wanna do something aviation related but not a pilot or ATC as those are high stress jobs and I’m anti social so umm yeah. I’m in grade 9 so I’ve got some time

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Needs to improve
  • clear for landing at downwind not base
  • exit runway command sooner (70kts GS)
  • sorry for my first bad landing I was to fast

Things you did good

Announcing go around very quick and being aware of your surroundings