TylerShah's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Feel free to come by and give me feed back

call me crazy but pattern work is open

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Why would you train at KJFK? Lol

cause I need practice at a crazy environment it does not seen that crazy and it is NOT at LAX which I refuse to do

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Well good luck lol
I would recommend starting at a small airport to build your skills up first lol
Just saying

I have already practiced at smaller airports

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Hey @TylerShah the title should say “[CLOSED]@N/A” if you are closed.

It is recommended that you start at smaller airports and work your way up.

Also working at airports like KJFK, KLAX, EGLL and other major hubs you will be getting far more trollers than if you open a smaller airport such as EFHK where you still could get some income traffic but it’s not as busy and hardly any trollers.

Read this ^^^ @Noah_Allan

I would stick with an airport these have either two parallel or two intersecting runways. I wouldn’t practice at a massive airport like JFK if I were you.

Maybe try KSSC/KADW


Guys stop I get it I should not be practicing at big airports the reason why I was practicing at JFK was because I needed more planes. 1 or 2 I can handle but more planes it difficult. Please stop commenting that I need to go to smaller airports I know what I’m doing

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What other’s have said aren’t wrong. While JFK isn’t as bad as LAX or SFO, and has a lot of traffic like you said, it still isn’t good for practice.

So you may have the busy traffic you want, but it won’t be a good learning/practice experience because you won’t have well behaved pilots that listen to you. You probably would have aircraft taking off from both ends of the runway! Now that’s not a good thing to learn with, at least for me.

Of course, you are free to open wherever you like, but if you really want to gain skills, I suggest you take advice from what you’re saying. :)

Have a nice day and happy controlling!


Hi there,

Can I just suggest, you read this post about tracking thread, I wrote it the other day for another forum member.

All the best with the controlling!


Closed on OP request