Tyler Flew a PT-26 CONFIRMED (as in, he actually did)!

Joe, uncomfortable? Quick, someone check his temperature!


I think joe is having a heart attack…either that or a case of nerves 😂

I just did…it’s cold 😂

@Tyler_Shelton who is that you took with you? #goat


Omg, haha 😂 Lol , the goat 🐐 is back 😂

GOAT is ever present. I keep trying to get Laura to put him in the sim. No luck so far. I’ll keep trying.

Maybe we should get Stephen’s cat in while we’re at it. #makecatfree


Yes u had to drag the cat in 😂😂

Um … that is a … shirlls

Can we have that as the new stall warning? Meow…STALL! Meow…STALL! MEEEEOOOOWWW!!! 😵

I watched it. Was the cockpit pod open because Tyler’s arm hair and hair was blowing to either the wind or from the speed of the plane?

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Cockpit was wide open…if you watch he has his arm part of the way out ;) ain’t no way he’s doing that with a closed canopy

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