Tyler Flew a PT-26 CONFIRMED (as in, he actually did)!

Okay, the title is a little cantankerous, but it gave me a good chuckle (the concorde isn’t confirmed, by the way, only that they have the 3D model of it… okay I’m done).

Check out @Tyler_Shelton flying the PT-26 warbird over Atlanta last weekend! Looks like a fun ride.



Wow, that’s awesome! It must have been a blast flying in a classic like that. Open cockpit and everything!

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Cool, looks fun!

did he have to pay for the fuel or pay anything?

Thank god the Concorde isn’t confirmed! Great video btw. :)


Yeah, I paid for the flight. I tried telling them I was a grade 5 but they just didn’t care! 😞


@Tyler_Shelton boy you have all the fun…open cockpit too lol wow!!! That looks amazing. Was it thrilling or routine or what? And when you flew it how did it feel in your hands? Knowing that that entire aircraft was following what you said

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😂 the grade 5 didn’t help you out huh

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They probably looked at you a bit insane like😂 “Psst, guys, should we really be letting him fly this thing? Sure? Well it’s your dam money I’m heading for the shelter!”

still pretty awesome bro

Wrong tyler :P

I fixed it thanks for the heads up ;)

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It was a really good time! I flew around Stone Mountain and did some sight seeing. The PT-26 was extremely responsive, as it doesn’t use cables. Last year I flew the T34 and this years definitely didn’t disappoint.


By extremely responsive did you attempt a barrel roll lol.
And I’m jealous sigh* but I’m glad you had an awesome time.
You also look very military lol. I guess I can really tell where being an ATC has paid off.

And he isn’t hard on the eyes either 😍


Well I’d hope so considering I’ve been in the military nearly four years now. 😅

They didn’t allow aerobatics, sadly.

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Tyler looks exactly like my teacher

Jason that was a bit …never mind 😏


Dang…but at least you got to go up there! Was it expensive?
And um @jasonrosewell that was interesting 😂😂 what’s up

This talk is making me uncomfortable. People complementing his cockpit and you talking about hard on the eyes. Let’s keep this aviation related.