TX-IFC registration embedded on all 757 aircraft

So I couldn’t find a topic on this but I found this pretty cool - the 757 generic livery’s registration ‘TX-IFC’ is embedded on all 757 aircraft (or at least all the aircraft I checked).

Didn’t find any on other aircraft (checked the 777)

Pretty cool eh? I was looking around for secret messages the 3D artists might have written into the liveries. Found none, sadly.

You can barely see the TX in the photo - spawn up at an airport and play around with the angles and the time of day - you’ll be able to see it!

Thanks for reading :)


Pretty cool find, though part of me suspects it’s not supposed to be there…


That’s probably because the devs used the Generic 757 as a base to build all the other liveries and this registration remained embedded there

Kinda like a residual


Good thinking - probably the case

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