Two Years of Wizzdom: Celebrating Wizzair Virtual's 2nd Anniversary - 08APR23 / 1700Z @ EGGW

Two Years of Wizzdom: Celebrating Wizzair Virtual’s 2nd Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since Wizz Air Virtual was founded by @MaxTheBandit. Over the past 24 months, we’ve criss-crossed the virtual European skies in our iconic pink and blue livery, thanks in no small part to the leadership of our current CEO, @AviatorAlex. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished together.

To mark our 2nd anniversary, we’re taking off from our main UK hub at London Luton, now even more realistic since it became a 3D airport in the 23.1 update. Join us for three exciting routes that showcase the best of Wizzair Virtual.

Date and Time: 2023-04-08T17:00:00Z
Event Type: Fly-out
Server: Expert Server
Airport: London Luton (EGGW)

Flight Number Destination ICAO Flight Time Aircraft
W9 5123 Malaga, Spain* LEMG 2:30 A320/A321
W9 5107 Poprad-Tatry, Slovakia LZTT 2:00 A320/A321
W9 5127 Hurghada, Egypt HEGN 4:45 A321

* = Featured route, will be flown by Wizzair Virtual Staff Members

You can see a full list of the routes out of London Luton here

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply click the “Going” button below!

Want to learn more about London Luton?

We’re glad you’re interested! London Luton Airport is one of the 6 London airports. It’s a hub for 2 of Europe’s biggest low-cost carriers - Wizzair, having become a hub in 2017; and EasyJet. If you’d like to learn more about London Luton Airport, check out the Wikipedia arctile.

The credits for the article go to the respective Wikipedia contributors.

  • Respect all pilots during the event.
  • If ATC is present, follow ALL their instructions. Wizzair Virtual is NOT to be held responsible for any violations you may acquire during the course of the event.
  • If ATC is not present, please utilize the Unicom frequency correctly.
  • Fly to the required for the Expert Server standard.
  • Last, but by no means least, have fun!

Are you interested in joining us?

If the answer is “Yes, absolutely!”, then head to our thread to learn more about us!

Wizzair Virtual is a non-profit organization officially approved and acknowledged by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board (IFVARB). All logos, brand names, and pictures belong to their respective owners. Wizzair Virtual is in no way affiliated or associated with the real-life airline Wizz Air, Infinite Flight, or any other organization. If you’d like to visit Wizz Air’s official website, follow this link.


@NemAir thanks for bringing Luton to life 🥰🎉


Really hope I can make it with you guys! Great way to celebrate 2 years together!


Stunning presentation! Thread looks really nice :)


Hats off to @NemAir. I only did a fraction of work at luton


Opps, I accidentally deleted my post, any way to recover this? Meant to press reply and not the bin 😂

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No worries. Recovered!

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Awesome 🙏😂

Thanks Dan! Hope to see you fly with us 😎🎉

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Such a beautiful VA. I feel really lucky as well as honoured to be a part of it. I’m really sorry I won’t be able to join the Luton event on Saturday as I will be at work - I’m really sad I can’t attend. But I will most definitely do a flight to/from Luton at any time earlier on that day 🙂. Beautiful airport @NemAir 😍. Best regards, Michael, your Wizzair 115VA pilot - may the IF skies always be WIZZing ❤️❤️


Time for our 2-year anniversary flyout to begin! Hop on in and join us in celebrating this incredible milestone!

P.S.: That was an absolutely beautiful landing, @tjb0709!


Hello there! Will spawn back to join you guys on this anniversary 😁


We will wait for you!

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We are planning on FL350 for todays flight.

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Imma just sneak in here with some maintenance pattern work!


That’s a wrap! On behalf of the whole team behind WZZVA, thank you to everyone who joined us on our special day! Special thanks to @NemAir and Dan for bringing Luton to life just in time for our anniversary, and to @Kaiya_0501, who staffed Luton on our departure.

Hope to see you all in the next one!


Was a cool event! Happy Birthday @WizzVirtual! ❤️🥳


Special thanks absolutely goes to @Kaiya_0501 for controlling 3D Luton, and great to see you @AviatorAlex, feels like yesterday last time I flew for Wizz Air as staff.
Thanks @bumy & @NemAir for coming along to celebrate Wizz Air 2nd anniversary and I’m glad to see it’s going strong.
@RickG @MichaelMetaxas & @Jakub_Astary you all were missed on this flight anniversary but good to know @AviatorAlex enjoyed my landing before the anniversary event 😁😜


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this time around. Shame. Glad you were able to make it though!


It’s a personal thing for me to attend today on what is 2nd anniversary celebrations, thanks to founder @MaxTheBandit & @RomeoStuff24!!

WZZVA is an amazing VA, I do miss flying WZZVA routes, in RL I’m a regular flyer with them so I do understand and know how Wizz Air operates.