Two winglets on A350

2 winglets of A350 it happens to me only in Qatar Airways livery…I tried other liveries they are ok…Anybody know why?


That’s very weird


This issue has been previously reported on the forum (as seen here) and, if I recall correctly, dates back to Infinite Flight’s 20.3 update.

Whether there is a scheduled fix for this, I’m not sure. However, given how long this has been around, it’s likely not an easy fix. So, please bear with the team. :)

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Alright no problem🤗🤗

My guess is it’s some sort of a glitch with the wingflex. The one winglet is where the wing would be positioned with wingflex, the other is in its normal position, without wingflex.

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Such an issue can occur with any aircraft that has wingflex, and seemingly at random (it’s not a bug with a specific aircraft/livery combination) - as some users described above, one of the sets of wings you see is affected by the wingflex, and the other is just static - but you needn’t worry, it doesn’t affect the performance of the aircraft whatsoever, it’s simply a visual bug.

The same thing can happen with flight control surfaces, but, just like the wingflex bug, it’s simply visual and doesn’t affect the aircraft’s performance.

When a permanent fix will be implemented, we have no information on, but I’m sure it’s been noted internally with the development team. In the meantime, to temporarily fix it for yourself, you can simply change the camera to another one, then back to Normal, and the bug will disappear.

Hope this helps!


After the painting, the spoilers split, the Airbus/Qatar story is definitely over !!

More seriously, never seen this before

It looks cool like that

Oh my gosh! It is weird, but very cool at the same time!

Changing the camera does not work for me when it happens
So what I do is zoom in full into the aircraft then reset zoom and works aswell.

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