(Two Weeks, Many Spots Open) Forgotten Airport Flight - @KBKL - 151800ZDEC18

Have you ever heard of Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport? How about New Orleans Lakefront Airport? -
Well, they are the little known downtown airports in Cleveland and New Orleans, respectively. Both had commerical service at some point in the past (BKL kind of does), but now they purely GA used most of the time. They are part of the "downtown airport" club across North America and around the world. Some other members are KCGX (rip), CYTZ, KSTP, etc. Usually these airports are drowned out by the larger airports in that city, but for once I want them to have their their time of fame.
I would like to have a flight down to New Orleans from Cleveland Downtown in either the TBM930 or Cessna Citation X to use these rarely used or heard of airports.

Server: Expert

Airport: KBKL-KNEW

Time: December 15, 2018 6:00 PM

Aircraft: TBM 930 or CCX, any livery



Altitude: FL270

Speed: 290 KIAS

NOTAM: No ATC provided (use UNICOM please), FPL required, 5nm minimum seperation

How to join:

Simply tell me your aircraft and callsign. For gates, you are welcome to choose any gate for either airport as you please.
Spot 1: @DiamondGaming4 N004TX TBM930
Spot 2: @Minnesota_Pilot N172T TBM930
Spot 3: @HiFlyer HiFlyer TBM930
Spot 4:
Spot 5:
Spot 6:
Spot 7:
Spot 8:
Spot 9:
Spot 10:
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Pittsburgh’s on the map, I’ll take it… 😂


Ah yes, New Orleans Lakefront Airport. I went there once for an air show when I lived in that area. Sign me up!

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Are you requesting to join? If so, can I get a callsign and aircraft?
@DiamondGaming4 Callsign and aircraft?

Also you’re going to end up with two groups being CCX and TBM


I got my ppl at knew years ago. My grandfather flew dc3s out of knew for eastern airlines when that was a thing. I would love to participate in this flight, unfortunately I will be working that day:(

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N004TX in at TBM

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@DiamondGaming4 you are in now!

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N172ST with a TBM

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@Minnesota_Pilot @DiamondGaming4 I am going to cancel this event, there is not enough interest.

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Cancelled at request of OP