Two violations for the same thing


So I’m currently building an app for which I was testing something using the Live API. While doing so, I had to do a flight out of training server and while testing the data, didn’t realize I had just touched the mark for overspeeding. I slowed down immediately but in a matter of 30 seconds got two violations for the same thing instead of one. I take responsibility for one of them because I do realize I should have been aware but the second one was really not needed. I got two almost instantly. Can it be removed?

In my 477 hours on IF and 393 landings, I have only had one violation and that too because my phone slipped from my hand. Coming from VATSIM, most of the regulations were similar and I maintained the same. If something can be done let me know.


Both those violations were both at different times also they wont be removed as there was not a problem with the sim

As much as people want to have a violation removed, I believe the policy is to not have them removed unless there was a glitch in Infinite flight. Sorry.

Understandable. I had to try anyway

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Best of luck with the app and for testing try solo or casual its probably the safer bet

Umm. There is a difference of a minute in logging but I’m telling you it was about 30 seconds. I was using the live api, not the connect one so couldn’t do solo and wanted to test specifically for the training server but I’ll be more aware next time. Thanks.