Two very different lights

Two landings, one in YSSY with a Jetstar 320, the other in FACT in my new friend, the south african A333. The first looks like its taken in technicolor, the second is kind of soft goldish. I enjoyed both, what about you?

All on expert these last few days.

The A333 is growing on me. Cannot wait for its revamp!


Quite nice color on the first pic! I like the second one as well, can’t wait to see the gear tilt on the A330

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Was this the close call??

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Yes it was!

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Same here, will make our landings even nicer!

FYI thats Cape town

I know, thanks. The airport code of Cape Town is in fact FACT😉

I have even been there on vacation, gorgeous place!

Nice pics!!!

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Thank you very much!