Two Type of players

I saw two type of players today in infinite flight expert server

I pushed back for taxing, while preparing to taxi the Ryanair started to push back.

He kind of blocked my taxing and I thought i would be waiting for minutes for taxing but unexpectedly. He pushed back further to provide me space for taxing. I started to taxi to runway 34 at dublin.

After taking off from dublin I started my approach towards EGLL RUNWAY 27L.
Here we can see a British Airway flight who did a go around something while approach and came back pushed inside my approach path. Later landed before I cleared the runway and taxing to Gate.

This would have a caused a disaster but he was able to stop before crashing to my 747-400

I didn’t expect second player in expert server . Expected more disciplined players .


Yeah I agree, why people think that when ATC isn’t there, they can do everything in the expert server 🥲.

This is soo disappointing


Some players think that IFS expert server is Pilot Training Flight Sim (a goofy ahh Roblox plane game) where everyone act like in a casual server even when there is ATC.


Sadly yep… :(

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Yes. It’s sad when you’re trying to a professional flight, and someone messes it up. I was trying to do Los Angeles to London-Heathrow (BA 777), and tried to make it as realistic as possible. I was on the runway, getting the thrust set up for takeoff, when this SW 737-700 comes blasting through the holding point, and completely shoots right through my plane as they take off.


This is so annoying, I feel your pain. The devs need to do something to keep inexperienced trolls who don’t know what they’re doing (or who trying to be annoying) off the expert server and leave that reserved for people who try to make flights realistic and professional.


Granted, this WAS Casual Server, but still. You should try and practice the etiquette and basic, basic procedures on Solo before going online.

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I’ve face kind of this issue while I was training server and I posted about it in community. Most users replied , this won’t happen in expert server so be patient and complete qualify to expert server.

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Yes. I’m only Grade 1 (though close to Grade 2), so I have a bit to go. At Grade 2, you can access the Training Server, correct?

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Yes you can

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Yes , training server is quite interesting. There would be even clash with ATC decisions because they aren’t IFATC MEMBERS. SO ATC guiding won’t be proper always. Sometimes following ATC will lead u to crash into another aircraft so always check yourself before taking action…

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