Two truths and a lie (real life version)


3 is a lie.


You would be correct my dude, I’ve never flown AC


I own a plane.
I’ve flown a plane
I’ve flown BA 1st class


Which one is a lie?


Number one?


@Pro_FS Number 3? Few people are rich enough to fly first class. Someone can take my turn if I win


Unless you fly Cathay with their $600 first class tickets


I thought I awnser it, whoops, well here’s the awnser I ment to post:

Wow, that was quick…

A321 neo proof

A380 proof

Proof of 747-8 sandwich run

I can’t find the article for the 747 before philly, but we had a routing from PIT-ORD-LAX, that was upgraded to a 74 from a DC-10 before philly had a 74 servace

The 225 has never flown here as far as I can find, but, the 124 has, twice actually…

@Canadian1337 was right, @BigBert10, and @LegendaryRoro88 we’re inccorrect


I like all Boeing aircrafts very much.
I like all Airbus aircrafts very much.
I have IF and X-Plane 11 running on the same PC.

Which one is lie?


Number 3 obviously.


@anon91707592 and @TheStig we are guessing this post:




Correct! @robertine


My turn:

I love the IFC.
I love the staff.
I love this game.

Which of these is a lie?


3rd one perhaps?


Thou art incorrect.


Is it the second one


Who doesn’t love all three of those


Thou art incorrect also. Ok, next person!

@JacksonAviation Me.

  1. I have flown with a Bombardier CRJ 900.
  2. I have been to Yangon Airport, Myanmar.
  3. I have been on 5 inaugural flights.