Two truths and a lie (real life version)


I will go:

I have seen the 777X
I have not flown a C172
I have found a 4 leaf clover on a plane


This one, please


Nope, that’s true, I even took a picture.


This is my second choice


Correct! Well done!


You only have one guess


Ill go ahead!

  1. I’ve seen a JetBlue Special Livery 10 Times Exactly
  2. I’ve flown the Southwest 737 Max
  3. I’ve flown JAL Buisness Class from Narita to Dallas


The 3rd one, all the others sound phesable


Is number 2 the lie?


Oh, number one?


You are correct @robertine

@BadPlane Ive actually never flown the Max Before! I’ve flown JAL 787Buisness


Ok, cool @ItsBlitz


I flew on an Air France 777-200
I flew on an air france A330-200
I lived through an emergency landing on a short class c runway runway.


Third one probaly


Nope, that’s true.


The 1st One


Nope, sorry…


Well, the second one lol, where was that emergency landing


YAAAAY! your turn!

  1. I’ve been in KLAS Tower
  2. I’ve flown in a CRJ-200
  3. I’ve flown to Tokyo Haneda