Two truths and a lie (real life version)


I’m going to say that first class is the lie (number 2)


Probably No.1


Nope, I have been to Johannesburg and Cape Town.


I have been on first class too


So the 3rd is a lie?


Yes it is. Your turn.

  1. I have only flown the 737 & A320.
  2. Honestly, I think JFK is a good airport.
  3. I have never flown out of the country (USA) before.


I say that number 3 is a lie.


You are correct! I have been to the Dominican Republic before.

  1. I have never flown a flight more than 4 hours long.
  2. I haven’t flown out of the country.
  3. I have flown more Boeing 737’s than A320’s.


Is number 1 a lie?


Correct, I took a non-stop flight from New Orleans MSY to Washington Seattle-Tacoma. It was about 5-6 hours, maybe even more.


Someone else may now go.


I’ll do that @Dylan_M

1- The biggest aircraft infront of my camera was an A300-608St Beluga
2-I live far away from an airport so that i cant spot once a week
3- I only spotted at airports with low fences or small hills next to the fence that is higher than tge fence


2 is false?


Comeon i hopped you were at bed or something like that… too easy for you @Dylan_M


Your bio kinda gave everything away… ;)


Sadly, it’s true. I was not one of the cool kids getting their driving license in highschool. So, I started flying in May two months before my 17th birthday and got my ppl in Aug when I was 17 and one month. I didn’t actually get my driver’s license and till I was 21.



3? :) Maybe


Yea thata true, I can even spot from my garden… i’ll make it harder next time

@Dylan_M made the right decision, 2 is a lie