Two truths and a lie (real life version)


Any guesses @Latvia


@Canadian1337 number 2?


Definitely no 2.


Both of you guys are wrong.


The funny thing is I actually went on AF1 and the Concorde on the same day.

That only leaves one choice left (I’ve never been on an A320 before), someone else can go.


May I go then? :)


Go ahead :)

  1. I have flown with Qatar Airways
  2. I have flown with Etihad Airways
  3. I have flown with Emirates Airlines


I’ll say number 3


Oooh, that was fast and correct, haha

I have actually never flown with Emirates actually, only with Qatar and Etihad so far, up to 6 times each or even more than that with bot of them, but not EK.


@Canadian1337 1 guess is now a rule on this thread. It wasnt originally a rule but now it is.


Somebody go

  1. I have gone on a 787
  2. I have gone on a 747
  3. I have gone on an A340
  4. I have gone on an A320


3rd one is a lie


1st one is a lie.


You are right. I have gone twice each on the 787 and 747, and who knows how many times on the A320.

Your turn!

  1. I got my PPL before my driver’s license
  2. My dad threw up while I was showing him spins in the ac
  3. I did knocked out my night currency by bouncing the aircraft 3 times


1 is maybe a lie


1 is probably a lie, generally pilots licences are at a higher age than drivers licences.


I have been to South Africa
I have flown first class
I have connected flights at Detroit.