Two truths and a lie (real life version)

Yeah. That’s the lie.

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Right now you’re throwing down ones whare it’s a total guessing game, I think it would be much better if it was facts that everyone could know, not personal details they have no way of knowing but to guess…


The 777 has 6 wheels per strut
The 747 has 4 eingens
Joe Sumit made the first 747


I am solely basing this of the IF version thread, but we can do that if you want.

Wouldn’t it be too easy to guess then? I find it more thrilling that we get to guess what people have done themselves personally.

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The last one is incorrect

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It’s you’re thread, do what you want, I’m just saying it’s a total guessing game, I think it would be much better with real facts…

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Let’s make that optional. You can do that, but you don’t have too.

Good job, I thought the first one would trip people up… 😉

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I like this game but it’s to easy to guess. I think having more options might be fun.

It did 😬


I’m just to knowledgeable 😁 😂😂

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Okay I will be back in a second, when we can resolve this issue.

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Let me find a good question out of my air law book 📖


There is only one correct answer to this. Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I want to see if anyone can get it right. I can delete this if you want.

X probably??

It’s not x…

I have messaged the creator of the IF version thread, which was the first one, if we should change the amount of options on this one. Until I get an answer, countinue as normal.


N perhaps?

It’s v, which demonstrates the visual signals to require assistance. Don’t worry as it’s not an easy concept.

As of now, it has to be 3 or more options. It could be 4 truths and a lie, and other similar things.