Two truths and a lie (real life version)


This is the real life aviation version of two truths and a lie. The game is that you post 2 truths and a lie, and we have to figure out which one is the lie. EDIT: it can be either personal, or aviation facts.
EDIT 2: We are changing it so it can be 3+ option, but one of them has to be a lie. No more, no less.
EDIT 3: If you guess right it is your turn. You can’t just type in your 3 when it’s the middle of someone’s turn.
I will go first:

I watch air crash investigation
I have seen 4 Concordes
My favourite plane is the 747-8i


No 2 is false ;)


Nope! I saw the one at Heathrow, in New York, at the smithsonian, and in Barbados.


Then no. 3


No! It was number 1. I watch Mayday, which is the Canadian name of it. It is originally from canada.

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You can go.


Oof, ok… I’ll see if I got any…


I have been on the A380
I love the A350
Qatar Airways is ma fav 😍


I guess the first option


Wow, you’re correct. I haven’t actually been on an A380 yet 😬

Your turn


Really 😲, to be fair I haven’t been on the A350 yet 😂


Here we go:

  1. I have flown with fly be from Newquay to Birmingham.

  2. I have never flown in a 787 dream liner

  3. I have never flown in a C152

  1. Every other one seems right

I have flown with fly be from Newquay to Birmingham is a true statement.


Okay then 3 maybe.


Your correct now as I am currently doing my PPl training in it.

Your turn 😁


I have FSX steam edition
I have X-plane 11
I have flown on an MD-82


Is number 1 the lie?


No. I have fsx, but I don’t have a joystick.


The last one is a lie I think 😁