Two Truths and a Lie [IF Version]

Okay so here’s how it’s gonna work
(I searched for this and found no duplicate)

  1. Someone says 2 truths in a lie.
  2. Everyone has to guess which is a lie.
  3. You only have one guess per person.
  4. There is no going two times in a row.
  5. If no the person doesn’t respond in 24 hours someone may take their turn.

I’ll start:

  1. I have flown a C-17 on global many times.
  2. I’m a member of Alaska Virtual
  3. I have never flown on Expert server.
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3rd one is a lie

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You got it ;)

Your turn

  1. I have flown out of the country
  2. I have never flown American
  3. I have been to Orlando

I am guessing nr2

Good work, I have flown American Airlines!


Sorry to interrupt, but it is now your turn.

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  1. I’ve been on the A320
  2. I’ve flown with Lufthansa
  3. I’ve flown with Widerøe

It’s gotta be number 3

One is a lie.

Seriously. how did you guess that?


A really big guess lol

It was obvious. Mind if I go?

Go for it bud!

It wasn’t if you looked at my profile picture.

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1: I have only flown Alaska Airlines.
2: I have flown a Cessna twice.
3: I have been in an F/A-18

  • I never use the 767 - haven’t used it at all.
  • I enjoy regions - I don’t do long haul.
  • I’m cool

3 is a lie @Mattheus

Correct, I have been in an F-15, not an F/A-18.