Two Tower/Ground ATC's on one airport

Loving the IF app; been doing some flying and also slowly coming to grips with ATC Tower and Ground work after browsing through the tutorials - great work by the way!.

Now… today, I was ATC for Sydney, both Tower and Ground. Been working well for approx 30 mins, had about 8 planes on the ground and in the air. Suddenly I noticed that ‘my’ planes turned grey, first on the ground and later in the air. I took me a while before I realised what happend: another ATC decided to pick the free Tower and free Ground spot and had started sending Guard messages to the planes I was trying to guide.
I guess in the real world multiple ATC’s would talk to each other and divide the workload. In IF we can’t do that I believe. As I had been on the go already for over 30 mins, I decided to give it up and let the other guys have a go. But as I signed off, I wandered… there must be a thought behind all this…

But, please tell us, what is good practice here?
Some of the more experienced ATC peoples what’s the story in IF with 2 Tower/Ground ATC’s. Same for Approach I guess…
Can I communicate with other ATC’s if we are operating the same airport? Just to make sure we don’t bite each other and Pilots get to many Guard messages?

Looking forward to yet another great tutorial :sunny:

What would be nice is if two controllers worked together. KLAX has a tower for north and a tower for south. One for 24L&24R. And other for 25L&25R. If we worked together it would be so much easier. If I had an aircraft requesting departure from 24L and I was the 133 freq then I would tell him to contact 124.

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Yes, working together, obviously.
KLAX is perhaps obvious as runways are parallel. The Ozzies made a bit of mess with theirs…
By the way: how do you know which Tower is for which part of the airport?

And working together would be easier, if you can communicate between Towers, or if the IF software would automatically divide the workload between the Towers.

There have been like 5+ threads about this already, they will be removing the multiple frequencies on the playground server in the next update.

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yes at KLAX you need two sets of controller but both controlling only to their own space and in communication with each others…

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The smaller number frequencies for the smaller number runways. Ex. Tower 128.30=24/06 runways
133.90=25/07 runways. Same for ground frequencies.
This is not the correct frequencies but you get the idea.

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Makes sense.
Spread the word! :smile: