Two Tower Frequencies

Hey IFC! I was wondering what your thoughts would be if we had two tower frequencies for Expert server. In real life, Los Angeles has two separate controllers for 25/07l and r, and 24/06l and r! (Other airports probably do this too) I think it would be great if it was implemented on the Expert Server, and here is why! I think that if we had this feature only for Expert, grade one and two players might try there best to reach grade three to use this awesome feature. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts about this and if you think this is a yay or nae!

I love this idea I removed a vote and added it to this one. I like how they would have 2 different in opposite sides:)


Thank you! I really appreciate that:)

LAX in IF is nowhere near as busy as it is IRL. This isn’t needed imo.


Thanks for your input:)

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It would also get confusing as the two controllers probably won’t have contact with each other.


I´m sorry to dissapoint you, but I don’t think that would ever be implemented. The amount of communication between these ATCs would be huge and could not be granted, as we are not sitting next to each other while Controlling. Plus, there is really no need to. We are trained to handle busy airspaces and another Tower Controller would make it a whole lot more compliacated and stressful at the end of the day.
However, I think it is a fun idea, but just not doableat this stage of the game


IF used to have this originally if I can remember correctly, but it was removed as many pilots used it incorrectly.


If people on the expert server don’t understand it, they should look at a tutorial on how to use it correctly.


but TFFR in IF is busier than KJFK IRL :D

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Hey guys, I don’t think we need to have the controller in contact with each other. The ground controller can just hand of the pilot to the North or South tower:)

Yes! That is what I was aiming for :)

I think you’re getting mixed up with the atc talking in the backround.

No, we had this in 2015. It was removed because it was hugely abused on TS1, and never utilised on the expert server.


TS1 it could be a good idea. But then again you can’t trust the controllers at TS1 all the time

Oh… Didn’t know that. I only flew solo in 2015.

But TFFR couldn’t have 2 tower frequencies

Back in the days IF had already two towers at airports like KLAX. It was a mess on the TS, because the Tower controllers didn’t contact eachother.


No, we had this in 2015. It was removed because it was hugely abused on TS1, and never utilised on the expert server.


Ahhh I remember those days controlling LAX on TS1. It was a 💩 Show, planes would switch towers, Tower controllers will try and steal your planes etc by on guarding. You should be thankful it has been removed.


EHAM ( Amsterdam Schiphol) can ger really complicated when there is high traffic and only one Tower frequency. I like the idea but for now I think it is not necessary as from what I see it rarely comes to so much traffic that one tower controller can’t handle it. Maybe it will be useful if in the future when there will be more users.
Other than that I think it is a great idea to have more features on expert that you can’t access until at least grade 3 to motivate more people to advance. :-)