Two swiss planes come close to eachother

Last night i was doing an md11 flight to sao paulo. I got the flight plan and saw that another Swiss air had the exact same plan. Of course i copied it to save time. I got up to cruise and went to sleep. When I woke up i realized i passed the other swiss. On reviewing the replay i found that we came within a thousand ft of eachother.

Server: expert
Plane: SWISS MD11

Also here’s a nice pic of the tail reflecting the moonlight.


Thank you @Soviet_Salsa , very cool!

Very cool @Soviet_Salsa , i always love overtaking traffic, within limits of course! Also, the moonlight reflection on the tail makes me think of what if IF had Logo lights on their aircraft. Awesome picture!

Sounds really strange you were closer than a 1000ft vertically when a Flight levels are separated with at least 1000ft. Maybe the other aircraft were descending?
Great shot in the moonlight!

They swished past each other…

Great photos! Especially that last one!

Really cool. That’s so close, a slice of Swiss Cheese could fit between your planes, well, it could anyway…

That last one, beautiful reflection on the tail there.

Someone is at a wrong flight level sounds like. Separation should be 2000ft in same direction lol