Two subscriptions running

So I am going to try breaking the record for the longest flight ever soon. In order to do that I would like to purchase a second subscription to refuel the 747 in mid flight so I don‘t have to make stops. So I created a second Infinite Flight account to buy a second subscription. The problem is, that I can only buy one subscription with my apple id, not two. So do I need to make a second apple id and buy IF again to buy the second subscription or is there another way around?


I’d say that the easiest option would be to buy a second subscription. This would probably also be the most reliable option rather than trying to beat the system by any other means. The alternative would be getting people to volunteer to refuel you during your journey but that is easier said than done. Anyway, $10 is probably worth it if you beat the record ;). Enjoy!

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Yeah but the problem is that you can‘t run 2 subs on one apple id…

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Obviously, we would love to have you buy another subscription.
But as you already noticed, a limitation in the store policies prevents that.
Both stores prevents multiple subscriptions from the same product using the same Apple-ID / Google account


Ok, you know what? I will make a 2nd apple id and buy IF the 2nd time to buy the sub the 2nd time. Also to support you guys. Gotta give something back. You guys changed my life! Thank you.


We are oh so thankful for that.

Might be worth adding, you will only be able to refuel the same aircraft 3 times. Just so you don’t buy anything in vain here.


Will be enough to at least fly around the world 5 times or so. I am planning on doing more stuff with it.


Just wanted to let you know :)

Have fun!


Thanks for helping out.


For your stunt i recommend U dont use a 747 try another aircraft use the casual server also fill your tank to its fullest and before you refuel make sure u have like 1 min of fuel left so u can refuel to the maximum amount of fuel


Thanks justin. Cleared to close!

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Clearance received.