Two southwest pilots allegedly set up livestream in planes bathroom.

Two southwest pilots allegedly live-streamed the bathroom to an iPad in the cockpit. A flight attendant says that when she confronted the pilots about it they did not sense her questions saying it was a new feature on the 737-800 (it isn’t), they also immediately disembarked when they landed, a breach of the company’s protocol. This took place on a flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, the pilots continued on to Nashville with different flight attendants. The lawsuit against southwest is about this, along with Southwest’s handling of it, when resorted to a southwest gate supervisor no action was taken. You can read about it more here:


More to come, I accidentally published…

I have read this already. Bit (really) weird


Ya, definitely two people who don’t deserve to fly if this is true, super creepy…

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Wow. That’s, very strange. Not only that they filmed it, but they live streamed it. Weirdos. I hope they get what’s coming to them.


Weird. Just weird.


Wow… they should definitely be fired… that’s just weird


More than that needs to happen.


@KennedyTurner you are 100% right. They should be in custody.

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I can understand their motivations. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch other people go through the human body’s most disgusting experience 🤷🏼‍♂️


Wow this is really weird.

“Southwest 690, we urrr… appear to have an incoming video call to our Senior Adviser of an, well an interesting view of your aircraft.”

“Urrmm Sacramento Tower, we don’t seem to have any video calls Inbound to your services, but can we, confirm what you are you receiving?, Southwest 690.”

“Southwest 690, We seem to have a live view of your… restrooms in the rear area of your aircraft. We ask you to remove these as soon as possible.”

“We don’t believe we would have such a thing in our aircraft, we are sending our head attendant over there immediately, Southwest 690.”

*Few minutes pass.

“Urrr, Sacramento Tower, we have found a deodorant style device with a small lens in it, we haven’t found the owner to this but will report it immediately to the authorities for further research… Southwest 690,”

“Southwest 690, roger, you have traffic ahead on a 5 mile final, so we will briskly move that off the runway for you as soon as we can.”

“Roger we don’t have visual on the traffic ahead at this time, but will keep that in mind, Sourhwest 690… Hey, get off that! We need to prepare for Landing… Hold on a sec… YOU SAID YOU WERE WATCHING THE HANGOVER!!!”

Ok both I have no idea of real world communications, only VFR flying at a tiny airport, and plus I just wasted about 20 minutes of my time typing this being unsocialble in a restaurant.

On a serious note, this is downright disgusting and disturbing, and I hope the person who made this, gets prosecuted rightfully.

Plus there is already hundreds of anonymous places to get things like this which is legal and consentual (not a word). Why they couldn’t do that is again, absolutely disgusting.


Hmmmm… weirdos… If you know what I mean


I saw this on google earlier

Really disgusting


I think your joking, but you might want to make that more clear…

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How much did they get donated?

I don’t understand… Yes, there has been allegations of the pilot incident, but there has been absolutely no proof on it. Which means it could also be false. So, people need to stop attacking Southwest and their pilots, and wait for the investigation to be over… but also, yes, the claims could be true. And if these claims are true, then it’s pure disgusting.

Not they’re going to be love streaming their experience in the courtroom. Hopefully. It’s what they deserve for doing this.

Absolutely disgusting, these people should be ashamed of their selves,

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Well that’s… interesting. but seriously, that’s really disgusting.