Two simple but important questions about ATC instructions

Good morning everyone!
I got two questions when I was flying today:

  1. If I forget to edit fuel amount on an aircraft and I then took off, if I would like a landing at the same airport to refuel, while it is FORBIDDEN to fly a pattern work, will I be reported, or does that not counting as a “pattern work”?
  2. If I want to cancel takeoff during takeoff, how should I inform the ATC of that using existing instructions without being reported?

If anyone could answer these questions I would appreciate that very much!

Have a nice day!

  1. My answer to the first question: It’s not “forbidden” but don’t be surprised if your request is denied by a controller. The airport may be busy.

  2. There is not really a way to announce aborted take off. All you could do is exit the runway (ASAP when there’s large amounts of traffic) and request a frequency change. Sometimes the controller will notice your rejected takeoff and they will give you further instructions.

  1. for the first one there is no good option

  2. just exit the runway, may say “I’m sorry“,then request a freq change, request taxi to rw xy and finally request a new T/O clearance

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Thank you for that help!

Thank you very much!

Some of the ATC may be upset, because they expect you to do a pattern. How about diverting to another aiport or just restart at the same destination?

Takeoff aborts are something what also may happen in rl. Just exit the runway as fast as possible and don’t interfere with traffic heading to the runway or taxiing to parking.

I think that my fellow IFATCs have answered your questions pretty well. I just want to add on one thing. A report is only issued as a last resort. If you use common sense and follow ATC instructions, there should not be an issue. For your fuel problem, if there is a radar controller, you could tune to them and request an approach. They may deny you or service your approach. Reports will also be preceded by a warning, If you receive a message such as “Please follow instructions or you will be reported,” I would scroll up in the message history to make sure you are following instructions. If you are, keep doing what you are doing and if ATC needs you to change they will let you know. If you are not, look at what they asked you to do and follow that instruction. I hope that this was helpful and I hope to see you in the skies of the expert server soon.

I would take off normally as you would then contact the approach frequency and ask for an approach. I’m pretty sure they will guide you in. Of course you can divert to a nearby airport, which might be quicker.

Secondly, if you stop your takeoff, exit runway and request a frequency change, you can contact ground and ask you to re-taxi to the runway.

No, that would not be pattern work. Pattern work is where you fly the pattern (upwind, crosswind, downwind, base, final) intentionally. In the event that you forget to fuel up, I would consider going through with your takeoff and diverting to the nearest suitable airport if possible, before returning to the same airport and potentially interfering with traffic sequencing.

No ATC instruction exists for that. What you do is you activate your thrust reversers/spoilers and ATC should tell you to exit runway when able and contact ground.

Hi there, in my perspective if its really busy and atc is under pressure I would takeoff, contact departure or approach and request radar vectors for a neaby airport and land in a nearby airport and refuel the aircraft but you can of course stop your flight and restart which is the most frustrating part.

for the first one there isn’t really a good option to choose you could divert to a closer airport for example you takeoff from Heathrow but you need to land there since you have the incorrect amount of fuel you could land at Gatwick, London City or Stansted depending on the aircraft type and the amount of fuel you have left

For the first one I’d just quit the flight and start over.


Holding pattern somewhere nearby until low fuel and send a distress call 😂

(worst of the options listed above 😂😉)

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