Two quick ques. I was wanting answered...

Some different question I was interested ya’ll answering…

Is there any interesting aviation-related novels out there to read? I’m not much of a ‘bookworm’ though I would like to read more in general as usually sometimes books are overly rated and have no actual ‘specialty’… So, I was thinking I would be much better off with something that would be related to my interests… (you can also recommend films too!)

Secondly I would like to know a good ‘interactive terrain-based map’… basically a interactive topographic map I guess… I was wanting to do pattern work around mountainous terrain in IF but I firstly wanted to “map it out”/ get an overview and have an idea of the route I should follow…



First Question: I would reccommend the book "All Four Engines Have Failed" by Betty Tootell which tells the story of a BA 747 which encountered a volcanic ash cloud.

Second Question: I recommend Google Maps or Google Earth as good terrain maps - they show you elevation, etc…

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Oooh, I saw that Air Crash Investigation episode. Definitely recommend watching it

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I saw it too! Awesome documentary…

I have a book suggestion!

Miracle on the Hudson - The Extraordinary Real-Life Story Behind Flight 1549, by the Survivors

It’s a really good book!

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Hey there!

Great questions! Some of my personal favourite aviation books I’ve read are The Right Stuff, Free Flight and Fly by Wire. Another good one is Fate is the Hunter! There are a whole ton of them out there, but those are a few of my favourite! Plus some have some movies based off them too! Here’s also some of the other threads with a list of other books and movies I’ve bookmarked for future reference. Hope these help:)

(Aviation movie suggestions)

For your second question, I’d recommend skyvector. It has worldwide maps you can move around, and shows topographical features, as well as easily identifiable highest points.

Hope this helps and enjoy the mountainous flying,


I recommend Cockpit Confidential by Patrick Smith. It tells of some of the ins-and-outs of the aviation industry, as well as of some memories of a time that is no longer with us (a time with the beautiful DC-9s roaming the sky on a similar magnitude to 737s/A320s today). It’s written by a pilot for one of the 3 US majors, flying on the 757/767.


For the first question I recommend Highest duty it is a book about the miracle on the Hudson written by sully himself it’s a great book that goes into detail about his life and his aviation career it has many great story’s in it.

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First question. I would recommend Cockpit Confidential by Patrick Smith.

Second question. I would seriously just look at google earth.

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