Two questions about ATC

Hi guys I have a couple questions for all IFATC…

First, do controllers appreciate “Thank you” etc from the missilanious messages category or is this just annoying.

Second, when is a good time to request approach, as sometimes I feel like it can get in the way when I request approach from far away. However sometimes I feel like the controller would appreciate knowing your intentions before you are too close.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help!


I always do, and I’ll try and respond if it isn’t busy. The thank yous done show up flashing like other messages, so it isn’t annoying in any way :)

Contact when you are below 18000 ft at approximately 50 nm.


Ok, thank you for the quick reply. I try to be as streamline as possible when speaking with ATC!


To add onto Panda, misc messages are definitely appreciated by controllers, especially myself. In a busy airspace, misc messages are muted so there’s no harm.

And yeah, I typically try to contact approach at about 16,000ft AAL, 60nm out. Try not be any more than 280kias or so aswell.


Good to know!


I enjoy them. I can’t always respond to them, mostly because I am worrying about other traffic, but I hear the message. Don’t feel like I’m not ignoring you by not responding. Don’t stop saying thank you!

When you are able to contact my Tower frequency. I might not be able to sequence you immediately, but telling me that you are inbound gives me time to plan out how I’m going to fit you in to arrivals. Both of the other IFATC Controllers gave you perfect information about when to contact approach. Tower is around 20nm.

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I really like the thank you and I will always respond with you’re welcome if I have time.

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I really like the thank you from the controller to pilot(me) ;)

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I really appreciate seeing this because it shows that the pilot is grateful for the service. I appreciate Misc message in general.

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