Two Qantas A380's involved in "nosedive" incident over Pacific Ocean

Two Australian bound Qantas A380’s traveling from Los Angeles where involved in a mid-air scare earlier this month when one of them took a “nose dive” about 1 and half hours off the U.S coast last week. QF12 was operating the Los Angeles to Sydney route while QF94 was traveling between Los Angeles when the latter of the two took a “10-second vertical drop towards the ocean”, the incident was due to wake turbulence due most likely to QF94 being only about 2 minutes behind QF12. The drop lifted passengers out of their seats while traveling down vertically for about 10 seconds before the aircraft stabilized. No injuries where reported, however, passengers recalled that they “thought they were to die” during the drop. The turbulence experienced was due to the aircraft being somewhat bunched and too close together, However, Qantas says the separation standard of 20 nautical miles and 1000 feet in ­altitude between the two aircraft had not been breached. QF12 was not impacted and passengers wouldn’t have known that it happended until landing into Sydney. The flights continued as normal and both arrived in their respective destinations safely.

Incidents in the past like this have turned deadly when an American Airlines A300 crashed in 2001 just days after the September 11 attacks due to the pilots not leaving enough separation between a Japan Airways 747 and themselves. All 260 onboard and 5 on the ground died when the aircraft crashed just after takeoff

One of Qantas’s 12 A380’s at Los Angeles International
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Damn! That’s hectic! Glad everyone’s okay and it didn’t go further South…

I wonder if the passengers got their money back. That’s ridiculous.

Holy crap that’s insane! That’s some insane Wake anyone else remember the little business jet a 380’s wake cause to fall to about 10,000ft?
Glad everyone is okay!

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I read something about this on pilot website nosedive was actually just autopilot correcting upwards movement. It wasn’t a complete vertical drop as the media exaggerate.

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that american airlines crash was two months after sept. 11

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