Two players on same frequencies - ATC training server

Hello everyone,

I would like to report a weird bug that happened a few minutes ago as I was operating ATC at EGLL on the training server.

After getting disconnected a few times, we were two players operating the ground and Tower frequencies at the same time and we were both having full control on the commands 😅.

Is there any others pilot that have encountered that two players bug? 🤔

Good evening everyone 😀

Device: Oppo Find X3 Lite
Operating system: Android 12 - ColorOs 12.1


A few days go, i had also the same bug at EGLL…😄 was funny though but i left so the other one can do the work in peace. I think this problem is the result of the server having issues lately with disconnecting but i think the developers are working on that.

Airports have multiple frequencies for the same operations. Therefore, when traffic builds, and a split is necessary, we open up and divide a frequency down into two controllers to help manage traffic. :)

If this is what you are referring too, I’m afraid this is not a bug, dear sir.

Here is a good example of how and why we would split a frequency down in certain situations such as DFW in the topic linked above. Enjoy!


I know it can happen on the expert server during events but here it was on the training server and there was no event in progress or even heavy traffic (3 planes on ground & 2 in the air). I think it’s a bug as it was immediately following the multiple disconnect bug :)

Good afternoon

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In the training server, players can operate any ATC role they like. Regardless or event or not, services can be opened anytime, anywhere.
Also, in real life, multiple people operate on frequencies (ground/tower/etc) as ATC cannot be a one-man job. This is not a bug. Hope this clears up the confusion.

Many thanks for the answers and the explanations!

I know it was possible on expert server but I didn’t know it was possible to have two players on the same frequency on the training server :)

Sorry for my mistake.

Have a good evening

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Operations on the Training Server are publicly accessible. Therefore, users may not be using the equipment provided properly. :)

I think there is a misunderstanding on the question, we had the bug that after reconnecting there was another controller on the same frequency (i was on tower while there was also another one on same tower frequency). In ES, controllers are able to controll on two tower frequencies, but in TS if the one tower is in use you can’t enter, you can only observe.
You also had the same right? @Pierre_37

@A_Doc yes we were both on the same frequencies at the same time.

So i would say that it’s a bug since you can’t use same frequencies in TS.

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That’s why i usually fly EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) route. Now i prefer it in ES, but i was using it in Ts for a while ago. Atc cannot create problem in EGLL. Two Atc on same frequency can make people confused but variations to land are limited and all pilots can easily take true position. 🎛

@A_Doc That’s what I was also thinking. In my opinion it’s a bug caused by the problem on the TS.

To confirm what you said in your post, @Pierre_37 , could both controllers send commands? Or was one of the controllers in observer mode (as asked earlier by someone else) meaning they can’t say anything (which is normal if 2 players get on the same freq, it is not normal if 2 people can send commands from the same freq).

And to make sure, it was 2 people being able to send messages on tower or ground at the same time right? Since tower ground split (1 on tower, 1 on ground) will be fine on training server, but having 2 towers or 2 grounds on 1 freq doesn’t make sense

Having two people operating on same frequencies is absolutely not a problem. It can even be very good when there is a lot of traffic as on TS ATCs often don’t have the same knowledge and experience as the ATCs on ES.
But here there were no coordination between the two ATCs and we both give opposite commands which is confusing for the pilots…

In my case we both gave commands, i was really confused because someone gave the aircafts clearence for take off, who i told to hold short.

Sorry if my explanations were unclear, English isn’t my first language.

As said @A_Doc After the disconnect we were two ATC on the exact same frequencies.
We were both able to give commands on each frequencies and none of us was marked as observer.
It was really confusing as we were giving opposite commands few seconds appart 😅

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The other one was probably also confused 😆, thats why i left, because like you said we gave opposite commands.

I’m not a staff member or beta tester or anything like that, but I’ll look into it and do some testing later on the ifatc server to see what I can find since it’s sounds like quite the bug. Definitely understand the frustration. Hopefully someone who has more insight on this can get back to you here soon.

Yeah at first I was thinking of a bug coming from my phone 😂 I had the frequencies for some time so I left too to let the other ATC play.

But even with two controllers some players aren’t gonna listen🥲 cursed EGLL and KLAX