Two Planes Collide Mid-Air over Canada

General Information

The two aircraft struck each other somewhere over Carp, Ontario(Around 30km from Ottawa).

The two aircraft were a Cessna aircraft and a Piper PA-42. The pilot of the Piper was able to be rerouted to Ottawa International Airport, while the Cessna aircraft pilot who flew alone was pronounced dead at the scene after his plane crashed in a field.The Cessna had struck below the Pipers fuselage and hit the landing gear, the pilot of the PA-42 was not injured. The pilot of the Cessna was 82 years old.

The serial number of the Piper PA-42 was C-FCSL

ATC Transmission of C-FCSL
“Somebody ran into the bottom of me, I didn’t see them.”
“Roger, are you declaring an emergency at this time?”
“Not at this time, I’ve got a 1,000 pounds of fuel, two souls on board,”

Playback of C-FCSL


Picture: Flightradar24
Aviation Safety
National Post


This was like Japan Airlines Flight 907… may the Cessna pilot rest in peace.


When did this happen?


Sometime around 1500Z 10:00 AM Local Time

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rip so sad. i pay my respects


Such a sad year for aviation. Lionair, Collisions, so much more…


I want to know how this happened. It’s very odd to have two planes hit each other in the air.

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Wow, what an unfortunate way for ones life to end.

May the soul of the Cessna pilot rest in forever peace. ❤️💙

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I disagree, I love aviation, and I would rather die in a plane crash doing what I love rather than a car accident or cancer.
RIP Cessna pilot, enjoy the clear skies above!


In all of the airspace, two planes collide? This is terrible! May the Cessna pilot rest peacefully.

Has the CAA come to any conclusions yet?

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It is still under investigation

Well true. For me, i would go down doing 10g in a TBM930, or sucked into an engine. Whatever comes first


Every year has accidents like this, these days they seem to be more because there more photos

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These mid air collisions surprise me. How does someone not see a plane coming right towards them and either pull up or push down?

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Try flying in the clouds. Planes can be downright impossible to see in cloud cover. Even in clear weather, planes flying at high speed can move so quickly that the pilots sometimes might only have 0.5 seconds to react. If you were put in the left seat in this situation, I am sure it would be much more difficult to avoid a collision than you might think.

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It is very likely, especially for the Cessna, that it was not equipped with airborne collision avoidance systems. Since planes move at such high speeds it would be very hard to react in that short of an amount of time.

Only a few days ago there was this alert that two Ryanair planes were 400ft apart and close to collide nid-air but didn’t. Now we actually have a case where two planes have collided in the air.

R.I.P Cessna Pilot.

Every Life Counts, Big Or Smal.
This Is A Sad Moment As Well


For the Cessna pilot, clear skies and tailwinds in the second life!


Everyone saying how do you not see an airplane. Trust me it’s hard to see another airplane if one is moving faster than another. Not looking outside and having your head in the cockpit can get distracting. And seeing that it was a Twin engine airplane and a Cessna one not seeing another and taking action is very possibly they didn’t know each other was there Bc both weren’t looking. It’s happened to me where I don’t see other planes point out to me.


IFR conditions

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