Two Pitot Tubes?

Does anyone know why certain aircraft like the A320 family have two pitot tubes on the captain’s side?


It’s most likely just for redundancy. In the event that one fails, you still have another one as a backup.


I was answering the same: redundancy, as airspeed is so critical flight. And incidents (such as bug nests) can occur which affect the safety of the flight, and have in fact resulted in fatal incidents.

On Quora one expericed pilot user made this list:

Airbus A320/ A330:

Static ports (6)
Pitot tubes (3)
Angle of attack sensors (3)
TAT probes (2)
Ice detectors (2)
A total of 16 sensors.

Why are there so many pitot tubes/AoA sensors on the nose of Airbus A350 XWB aircraft as compared to A330/A320? - Quora


Pitot tubes are carefully sited to reduce to a minimum error due to the flow of air over the aircraft. Commercial aircraft have at least two completely independent pitot systems to provide redundancy in the case of system failure. › articles
Pitot Static System | SKYbrary Aviation Safety


Good point! There was something about system averaging between different readings due to some inevitable air flow difference.


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