Two pilots flying together in real time

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Not educated on the capabilities but I was wondering if it’s possible at all for infinite flight to implement a system were two players can fly in the same aircraft together? Is that even possible? This is not a request, im more interested in if it’s possible.

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In terms of technical ability, it’ll be hard regardless. You’ll need to take into account moderation, trolls, performance, its fuzzy.

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Appreciate that, anyone know if it’s a tech barrier, mabye “real time” restrictions" regarding that?

Doubt thing can work in absolutely real time. In terms of online apps, latency is always a thing. It’s not the biggest issue, but those with poor internet will need to stop using TalkTalk or any other hated brand. In other words, better personal network hardware may be needed.


Haha yes tickidy tok may be a lag contributed ☺️

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The fundamentals & drawbacks are pretty much the same as what we have today in terms of what you see on other aircraft while flying on any server. As @Tsumia, latency and potential packet loss would probably be the largest issues.


Understood, hi btw @schyllberg it’s been a few years, so it’s like a future technology request at this point mabye? Not somthing that’s really realistic at this point right?

In terms of what i just mentioned, it’s doable.
But then it’s a matter of developing the system and various features for it which would be another story. And not something i work with :)

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Got it, and I know infinite flight is working through a lot of other priority stuff, I was just really interested in the tech side that your addressed and it sounds like it could be a possibility when other things are out of the way, thank you so much for clarifying! I’m excited to see the possibilities coming to life as they have in the past, good stuff!

You know, I wonder if this would be something an API programmer would dabble into… have IF hosted on one device and connect 2 separate devices via a third party app…

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