Two pilot’s in one plane!

I have always wondered if some day infinite flight could make it to where two pilots could fly in one plane together. One pilot taking off and one pilot landing the plane all in one cockpit. This would be a lot of fun, you and your buddies going up in the air with each other in one plane together, Long haul hours your buddy flies while you rest then you fly the rest of the way, One of you sets up the fuel and cargo while the other sets your course for the flight. This coming to infinite flight Would help people to grow closer together and bond with a awsome flying partner. Hopefully to come in the future!
God bless!❤️✈️✈️

Hello, there’s actually a feature request for this. It’s a little old but it is still open with over 375 votes. Feel free to head over and cast your vote:

Continue in request above, please.