Two pictures to finish off my weekend~

My Weekly Screenshots! - Looking back into two great flights. ✈️

A lot of time has passed since my last screenshots topic took place last Christmas and school has reopened. Better share something now because why not!


  • Google Earth.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix.
  • Canva.

LOT VA Nordica special flight into Sweden. 🇸🇪

I believe it was a nice time to hop in the CRJ and do a regular flight to Stockholm. This is a special flight since Flight LO453, LO455 and LO457 is operated by the magnificent Bombardier CRJ’s. It was a great opportunity for me to fly there since Expert ATC was opened and a chance to fly with this stunning livery.

Flight Details:

Flight Number: LO457
Time: Sunset, 1800Z November 22nd.

A Delta Departure from Minneapolis (3D). 🇺🇸

I had a great adventure tour throughout the U.S. and I was hopping through different regions with open IFATC. From Minneapolis, I was heading towards New Orleans Airport where a Fly Out was to be taken place by @KennedyTurner. I have unfortunately edited only one picture at this moment since I was having problems with adding extra layers from Adobe Mix, which is why only one picture was finished. Hopefully I will create more pictures like this and I do have ideas.

Flight Details:

Flight Number: DL1755
Route: KMSP - KMSY
Time: Noon, 1300Z October 27th.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I will post more don’t worry. 😉

Keep an eye of an upcoming event by EIVA. 👀


The Delta picture is looking extremely realistic! Really well done! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks mate! I hope to do more, I am thinking more GA style.

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Absolutely stunning and beautiful! Loved the second one! Great editing on your part! 10/10😄😄

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Great Job! 👏

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No problem!

Always been more into commercial aviation so I would love that kind of shots (like the DL one). Would like to see GA shots of that quality you have there nonetheless though!

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I…I…I…how…wha…I’m so amazed by this. I can’t say anything about it!

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Never mind, I read it wrong. Great edits though! I’ve always wondered how people can do edits like this.

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Both pictures are beautiful! I really like the editing, it doesn’t look bad at all.

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The delta one looks great

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