Two People, One Flight.

This is not a request for a shared cockpit function. My idea is that two people could do one long haul flight. For example London to Sydney: I could make the flight plan, load fuel, takeoff and do the first half of the flight. Then, when I go to bed, I could contact someone in another time zone who can take control and do the second half of the flight and the landing. This dosen’t allow two people to be in the cockpit at the same time but at different times.

Great idea. Out of votes.


Its still about the same idea. Shared cockpit allows for more flexibility though, including what you’ve included above. Both can start the flight (even if one is idle), then take turns to idle


I agree - it’s essentially the same thing. I don’t really see the need - if you want this, then just vote for the Shared Cockpit as you can still have this…