Two PAPIs at KJFK's 13L.

There are two PAPIs for runway 13L at JFK.
As seen in the pic, there’s a PAPI showing RED-WHITE in the foreground and a second one showing RED-RED some meters behind the first one.

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I can’t tell if you’re reporting a bug showing off your nearly perfect landing ;)


That seems to be the arrangement on 13L. I think it is a VASI 4 (2 bar) system so:

All lights red - too low
Far lights red, near lights white - on glide-slope
All white - too high

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Btw I don’t know whether it is possible to get one of the two VASI bars to show a red and white together as you noted for the foreground one? I would have though both lights on each bar are either red or white.

Maybe that is another way of showing your too low, isn’t he well under the Glidescope? The arrow is further above the central line


For 13L, there should be 4 boxes with 12 lights for the approach indicator, according to this link:, and as shown in this video:


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