Two Nippon Cargo Jets

Nippon Cargo 131
Route: Anchorage (PANC) - Tokyo-Narita (RJAA)

Saturday, October 26 2019: Anchorage, USA


The Anchorage Event started!!! Nippon Cargo 131 starts to taxi to runway 33.

Credit to @Captain_Merka


Nippon Cargo 747-8 takes off with her 8 crew members and a bunch of cargo out of Anchorage. @Butter_Boi was the Alsaka Airlines 737 in the photo


Nippon Cargo 131 is briefly escorted by a F-22.


Nippon Cargo reaches cruise altitude.
A few hours later, Nippon Cargo 2210 Heavy (@TheGuy) flies with me 1000 ft above Nippon Cargo 131 for the rest of the flight.

Sunday, October 27, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Cargo 131 starts descending a few minutes after Nippon Cargo 2210 Heavy.

A couple minutes later starts final into runway 34L at Narita International.


Nippon Cargo touches down after 6 hours and 58 minutes of flying. Couple minutes later, N816QH (Lufthansa A380) heads to Frankfurt.

@Captain_Merka - Host for Anchorage Flyout
@TheGuy - Flying with me


Wow amazing! I need to try this flight one day.
Also never knew there was a nippon cargo livery 😮

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Glad you guys had fun. Also I love the one with the fighter!


Why these are great! Your welcome for making an appearance and co-hosting!

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Well done! This is how a topic should be created! The photos are also really good. Congratulations.


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Amazing flight we had

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Nice photos and event looked like a lot of fun.

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