Two New Pilots Needed!

Goooooood Morning/Afternoon everybody. The Infinite Flight Blue Angels are back up once again under a new flight lead. We are looking for a left wing and a opposing solo who are familiar with the Blue Angels demonstration. If any of you are interested, drop your discord below and I will send you an invite to the new server. Thank you all!

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Definitely interested in this

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Awesome! What is your discord user and the position you would like to fly?

Only TWO spots left! We need a left wing and a Bert pilot. We might also need a #7 pilot aswell

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Only Left Wing is now open. Any takers?

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My schedule isn’t the most flexible but if it’s alright I can join! (Standby pilot would be great too)

So, would you like to be the #7 pilot?

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The left wing one? Sure!

I’ve seen a Blue Angels airshow in real life, but I’m not exactly familiar with the positions- I can most definitely learn fast though!

Left wing is #3. If you wanna be left wing, then sure.

Ok, so Boss is the lead. He’s #1. Right wing is #2. Left wing is #3. Slot is #4. The two solo pilots are 5#, the lead solo, and #6 the opposing solo. #7 is the narrator. You’ll learn alot more here soon. Drop your discord and I’ll send you an invite to the server. Welcome aboard!

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Team is almost full. We just need a #7 pilot.

I can’t use voice chat if that’s what you mean by narrator, but I can happily be one of the pilots! Whichever is open. My discord is CaptainCrazy#0367

Also, I don’t necessarily need to be left wing, I just thought that was the only position open. Sorry for the confusion!

If you don’t want to fly as much as the rest of the team, then #7 would be the best option for you

Oh, I thought narrator involves talking in voice chat or something for some reason (I can be a little smooth brained at times). I can for sure take narrator if it doesn’t!

Narrator is the voice of the team. Currently, we don’t have a script for you to read off of during shows. Which is good for you cuz you don’t wanna use the voice chat. We’ll just have you fly from show site to show site like the actual #7 does. Left wing needs constant voice chat because we are doing realistic comms during the show.

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