Two military planes collide in Sudan! [update]

This was a training flight… they must’ve been practicing something and let’s not forget their fleet is pretty old (both of the planes involved were made during the Soviet era) so technical error could’ve been the cause. If this was a pilot error then they need to do something about it. The final reports are not out yet so we can’t blame anyone at the moment.

Wow this is pretty shocking, some pilots just lost their jobs

Looks like one’s run into the back of the other and chopped the tail off. The ensuing energy release looks like it’s detached the nose off the rear aircraft just in front of the wing spar.

Taxy accidents are more common than people think. Aircraft vacating the runway have priority in general and, if using a RET (rapid exit taxyway) can still be doing up to 50kts as they come off the runway. However, this did happen in Africa where all and most things tend to happen!!!

Either it was a technical problem such as brake failure or they just plain weren’t looking out properly!

The accident report will undoubtedly reveal all!

Edited to add that according to the press all accidents at airports happen on the runway… apparently.

</supposition alert>

Let’s hope for the best for these people :/

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