Two military planes collide in Sudan! [update]

Two military planes an Antonov An-32 and an Antonov An-26 collided on the runway at Khartoum airport in Sudan and resulted in closure of all flights in and out of the airport.

Here’s a link to the actual footage taken by a nearby camera -

I hope that everyone involved is alive! Stick around for more updates.

Source -

Update- both aircraft reportedly came to rest on the runway. The nose section of the An-32 appears to have been broken away and the tail section of the An-26 also suffered serious damage.


No injuries were reported

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How’d that crash happen? Were they landing in formation and the first aircraft stopped too quickly? But even then, the formation isn’t usually that tight. Or were they taking off, and the first aircraft decided to abort?


Seriously, what is going on with 2018 and aviation safety?!?


I looked up on the internet for more info… but the airforce haven’t said a word yet… this incident is pretty fresh! I’m looking for further updates… keep an eye out 😅

Looks like a Flight of 2 on TS1. Glad everyone is ok.


Luckily the 2nd aircraft wasn’t fast enough to cause more damage or casualties!

There are so many plane crashes, so you shouldn’t document them very much, but this was so unusual that it was worth it.

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Yeah I know… I usually ask one of the moderators before posting them.

wow that looks pretty bad… lucky no one is even injured (as we know so far)

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Initial reaction: What the hell?

I would get a situation in which an aircraft is crossing a runway and another crashes into that aircraft whilst taking off or landing. I have no idea how two planes could end on the runway in the same direction at two different speeds. This seems to be either a huge error by ATC or a very weird pilot error in a formation flight. Really interested to read any more news. Glad that everyone made it out OK.



Update- 8 people have been hospitalised due to injuries sustained from the crash. No remarks on how serious the injuries are.

This is the 3rd crash involving Sudanese Air Force in less than a month.

Geez 2018 is a mad year in aviation!
I just saw this on the news and I was just smh.TS1 may be a bad influence lol…

Pilot error at its worst

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How can someone let this happen, it is very odd for planes to collide on the runway glad damage was not to bad

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Officials have said that both of the planes landed within seconds of each other… the planes were old it could be a technical fault or a pilot error the investigation is still going on.

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I agree with @Justin0623 it is very rare for planes colliding on takeoff.Would like to see feedback after the investigation

So this when they were landing I hear now,that’s ridiculous the second plane can just go around 🤦‍♂️

And people wonder why you wait for the previous aircraft to completely leave the runway, even if it is at the other end. You never know what can go wrong and better to have 1 aircraft overshoot the runway than collide with the aircraft at the other end of the runway causing a bigger mess.

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How the heck does this happen? This is a frickin military for christ sake! This isn’t supposed to happen!!

Glad to hear no one was hurt.

Wait what? I mean I see can understand how a collision occurred if two planes crash head on but what was going on here