Two messages needed on unicom

I would love to see these two messages added to the selection menu for unicom when ATC is inactive:

“(Callsign) is back taxiing runway XX” > for TNCM and similar airports

“(Callsign) is lining up runway xx” > for lining up after a plane just landed, but hasn’t exited runway yet.


I agree with you, the latter would be very useful.


1 feature per request please :)


I have been thinking about that for a long time. These commands are definitely needed.


It makes no sense to separate this into two requests though…lol


It does because this violates guidelines.

MaxSez: there is a obvious need for pilot friendly communication messages.
This is a good start @Bryan_Gainey, well done. When are a few of you geniuses going to get togather and formulate a complete List for a Topic " pilot friendly call up messages.?)

(on the second I’d add “Please expedite clearing the active” or use this call as a stand alone.)


Relax please. It’s better to have it in one message rather than two, clogging up the forum.


But it’s rule…

This IS one feature.

Unicom is one feature. The feature request is for two messages on the same feature.

Panda sez: rules and schools are tools for fools. It fits in that category. Sorry @Maxmustang, I had to.

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“Two messages…”


Further arguments to pm please :)


@zbelle you’re wrong, it’s 2 features for 1 thing.

Unicom is a feature and commands/messages are additions. The request is for two additions to a single (one) feature.

I rule in favor of the OP, and it seems most everyone else does too. Argument closed.

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It’s actually one feature, an updated unicom. He is giving key examples that are needed. It is one feature, im not sure why you would promote spamming the forum…

Doesnt take book smart to figure it out… takes common sense tbh (not trying to sound rude)


@Natzoo @zbelle I clearly stated to continue further arguments in PM, this is just causing more useless comments.

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@Bluepanda900… Good job. But never forget “Out of the mouth of bade’s off times come gem’s.” You guys can bicker all day on trivia as usual. The bottom line is @Bryan_Gainey had a good idea that needed fleshing out. Rather than criticizing the “Elite Master Chief Pilots” should spend their time gently pushing fledglings like Bryan in the correct direction. Instead of Continually mocking and criticizing the elite master chief pilots (lower case intentional)
Should provide technically correct guidance . Instead of Continually strafing soft targets they should Don their instructor robes. Some peoples ill bred children, yuck!
Gooday, Max

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Better max?


Who cares, they clearly go together. Arguing for arguments sake is extremely irritating. Also, bragging about your “Aced math grades” makes you sound extremely self absorbed and arrogant.


MaxSez: Like Santa Mr. @Carson hopefully your keeping a list and checking it twice!


That’s my term, sir. And I never dubbed the OP as such. I was rooting for this request from the beginning and actively defended it’s posting.