Two IF global subscription options

Thanks for the hard work and awesome update.

It would be great if more folks could enjoy global.

I know that the cost of servers, imagery, running a company etc is expensive hence the $10/month subscription.

That said, I do have an idea for a
$5 /month subscription option that could probably increase the customer base, provide additional sources of revenue and allow more folks to enjoy global.

The $5/month subscription would only allow you to use global with the aircraft that you have purchased as IAPs vs having the entire fleet available to you as you do with the $10/month subscription.

Yes, I am suggesting bringing back aircraft IAPs.

For aircraft that folks purchased from pre-global IF such as the 757, users can unlock action commands through an IAP that’s $1-2.

The benefits of this subscription option are:

  1. Makes global more accessible to many mobile users. IF was designed to be an accessible and user friendly sim
  2. If you typically only fly certain aircraft in the fleet but not all, you can enjoy global while not paying for aircraft that you don’t ever use.
  3. Once you buy a plane as an IAP, you can use it offline or during a global subscription.

This offers users more options (ex: someone would like to fly their favorite plane offline) while providing the developers with an additional source of revenue.

A competitor to IF currently has a similar global option to what I’m suggesting and I think it works well.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.

Hi! We have no plans to bring back specific IAPs, so this request has been closed.