Two Hours of Spotting @EIDW 16th August

Here’s a few of my best shots from my session a few days ago. I got about 20 Ryanair so I won’t bore you with too many of them ;) Enjoy!

Airport Operations Info

Departing Runways: 10
Arriving Runways: 10


Canon 500D
55-250mm lense

1 // We begin with a Jet Airways A330-300 (M-ABLW) which has been sitting at Dublin for quite some time now but this was the first chance I was able to get of snapping a photo of it.

2 // Next up we have a TUI B737-800 (G-TAWH) after a long wait it’s great to see a TUI aircraft back at Dublin again!

3 // An Iberia A320 (EC-IEG) on final for runway 10

4 // A Laudamotion A320 (OE-IBJ) touching down with Dublin tower in the background. Fun fact Dublin tower is actually taller than London Heathrow’s!!

5 // Next up a Ryanair B737-800 (EI-EBL) lit up like a christmas tree lining up behind the landing Laudamotion.

6 // A private Cessna 650 Citation (CS-DGR) starting the takeoff roll with a FlyOne A320 (ER-00005) heading out to Chisinau taxiing in the back.

7 // A spotting topic without this little guy is a failure in my opinion. The baby of the Aer Lingus fleet the only ATR42-600 (EI-GEV) and my favourite aircraft in the world! While it might not be the best shot in the world I just have to put this little guy in.

8 // An Aer Lingus A320 (EI-DEL) arriving from Faro.

9 // A Swiss A220-100 (HB-JBH) through the bushes. The bushes are a nuisance when trying to spot at runway 10! Although I actually find them quite nice in this specific shot.

10 // And last but not least a Bombardier CL605 Challenger private jet! (EI-WFI)

Hope you enjoyed! Feedback is welcome

Let me know which was your favourite! Mine personally would either be 2 or 4 :D

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You should change that poll 😂

Great shots!

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Oooo yes haha thanks!

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Amazing pictures 😍☺️! Loved the tenth one Ryan! I wonder what’s the Jet Airways A330 doing there 🤔🤔🤔


I just LOVE the A220!

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That last shot was awesome!

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Disappointed that I didn’t see a hot air balloon on final, nice pictures regardless


Great pictures as always Ryan, have to say for me the tui picture is my favourite, love that livery and like you said glad to see them back at EIDW 👌

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Beautiful photos Ryan. Seems to be a bit more traffic in EIDW lately so I might head up soon myself. The 5th one for me is really good. Keep up the good work

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Very nice cathes mate! That eighth one looks class depsite the trees.
Noce to see amd upgrade from the iPhone shots!

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I love the ATR 42, EI-GEV which operates to my home airport twice daily! Great Pictures once again Ryan!

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Nice pictures! Too bad the weather kind of ruins the atmosphere and the brightness.

I am wondering the same thing.


Some really nice shots with the SWISS A220 being my obvious favourite ;)

Never knew this before! Thanks for sharing!

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@Sharan.Somayaji thank you very much! I’m not too sure but I believe it has been going under heavy maintenance so hopefully the aircraft might see some action soon!

@ButterMachine thanks!!

@Captain_Ry I was actually very pleased to catch that one. The first Irish registered private Jet I’ve managed to get!

@DanyyRude hahaha thanks mate :)

@Gary_Crinnion Thanks Gary! Appreciate it. Couldn’t agree more the TUI livery is stunning!

@EICK I’d highly recommend it! Traffic has definitely improved. If you’re willing to get up that early I highly recommend 9-11am. It’s not too early but you still manage to catch a lot of heavies! If you want to see the kind of traffic during that time this spotting topic I made was from around 9-11am.

@Rian_OShea thanks mate! I’ve been using it for about a month now. Much better than an iPhone ;)

@Patrick_McCormack GEV is the best aircraft in the world. Thanks!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk Yeah it’s difficult to get good weather for spotting where we live especially now that we’re entering into the Autumn. Thanks though!

@JulianB that A220 has the best landing of the day while I was spotting! Thanks very much!

Yup Heathrow’s is 87meters while Dublin’s is 87.7! The British aviators always go quiet when I mention it in a conversation hahaha



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Simply Amazing!

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Woah so cool!

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Thanks @twig @DeltaEIRE 😂

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