Two great IFATC

While it’s probably something people at IFATC are trained for, I was quite pleasantly happy about how @youngblood (hope that’s you) operated Bolè Approach at HAAB, and followed by @Infinite_Qantas on ground and tower. During my landing (when was not the softest, but that’s irrelevant) I had decided to go around due to my heavy weight and long float. I was genuinely surprised at the Tower’s response speed, as Addis Ababa had plenty of other traffic. I was quickly told to make left traffic, and after my turn, contacted approach, who put me in a perfect circle to make a second attempt. While this is, again, something y’all probably face often, I just wanted to write about my content. See y’all in the skies and smooth landings!


Great to hear. I’m sure they would love to hear this!
IFATC normally only get complaints


Haha, Happy to provide you good service @jsc.aviation. See you in the skies again soon and happy landings!


You must’ve tagged the wrong guy

obviously joking, great job @Infinite_Qantas!


Oooooooh @Infinite_Qantas you’ve done something good (as usual 😃) 👀

Speech over.

Congrats you both on such great work!


I’m sorry to say this, but I just happened to tune in when @robert_xing closed.
He gets full credit


haha thanks @jsc.aviation for the kind words and of course thank you @Infinite_Qantas for picking up right after me!


Not a good reputation to have then…

I agree but it’s what happens and I know from a personal experience. But getting one of these feels like the best thing. Trust me it feels amazing!

Hey @jsc.aviation!
It’s very nice of you to complement these controllers as we often receive complaints from some very angry people! Sometimes it is underestimated how much this really makes controllers feel happy, so thanks so much!

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Great to hear!

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