Two go-arounds on JFK approach today

This is the first time I had to go-around twice before. It took me about 40 minutes to land from when I contacted approach to landing.

First go around a plane was crossing the runway
Second go around a plane turned off into the taxiway

I can see why the ATC closed down the airport to other aircraft, JFK approach is tough.


Sorry to hear this,JFK was really busy today and probably very stressful for the ATC controllers

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The controllers are doing gods work, especially with the 100+ arrivals and ground traffic


I once had to go around 3 times at KJAC my home airport in an a223 because of strong crosswinds


I, first, want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Two go-arounds can definitely be really annoying for both the pilot and controller(s). Just like with KMIA, in 22.4, it was an absolute mess for the first couple of days due to the hype of the airport. We hope that the next few days will be more manageable on the ATC side, so that quality service may be maintained.

If you’d like to speak with your tower controller about the situation, I’d recommend sending a private message to the controller. Feedback is an important part of IFATC, so feel free to have those convos with controllers. Additionally, if you need more support, feel free to add Tyler_Shelton, JoshFly8, and/or myself to your message, and we can assist you further.


JFK is gonna be busy for a couple days because of the rework

Hey! Sorry about your experience. I was your controller, and I’m sure you noticed it was incredibly busy with very tight spacing. It must’ve just been bad luck that cause you to have to go around twice, and I’m sorry about that! Hopefully it didn’t ruin your flight all too much 😁

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Controller responded. No further assistance needed