Two Flights to Remember

I wasn’t planning on posting a trip report here but after my 2 flights over the weekend I had to share it! I was traveling from Los Angeles to San Jose and back.

Flight #1
Airline: Southwest
Aircraft: 737-700
Livery: Old Canyon Blue
Route: LAX-SJC
Duration: 57 minutes
Date: 22OCT22

Awesome wing view


Breathtaking views

Landing in SJC during reverse operations

Overall Review
Category Rating
Interior (Legroom/space) 8/10
Service 9/10
Food N/A
Landing 8/10

Flight #2
Airline: Southwest
Aircraft: 737-700
Livery: Louisiana One
Route: SJC-LAX
Duration: 45 minutes
Date: 23OCT22

The “Louisiana One” aircraft :D

Departure over the NetJets terminal

Good ol’ Southwest snacks

Sofi Stadium in all it’s might and glory

Back in Los Angeles

Overall Review
Category Rating
Interior (Legroom/space) 9/10
Service 9/10
Food 9/10
Landing 7/10

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  • Flight #2

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Thanks for viewing! Have a great rest of your day!


Amazing pictures from an amazing Friend!!!

Thank you!

I love #9! Seeing the Sofi stadium. I wish I remembered to look at your flight land!

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Thanks! :)

Cool photos! Louisiana One was a surprise, wasn’t it?

Kinda like photo 4 best, reminds me of when i was cruising out westwards from Seattle

Thank you!

It was indeed

Depending on what time you landed you might have seen the stadium while they were playing the football game

lets all agree that the pic of the food was the best. lol

I wouldn’t have known anyways because the dome was closed

You could rate the drinks and whatnot aswell as the snack mix

For the first flight they didn’t serve anything.

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wow even for the 20 mins hop from Maui-Honolulu we get water 😧

It was because of “turbulence”

ah, sucks even though by the quotes it was minor, I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve checked it was maybe a 83 knot crosswind passing somewhere in between 7000-4000 feet going into KLAS.

Oh wow.

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We just had Louisiana One pass through SEA today!

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Awesome trip reports!

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Thank you!

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What were you in San Jose for, I noticed you were there for only a day?