Two Flights, Eight Photos

Welcome to another collection of screenshots from my past flights! Not as catchy of an opening line there but it’s fine. Unlike my previous screenshot topics, it’s been a while since I’ve made a topic, and I’ve done multiple flights in the interim. I pulled two of my replays for this topic, both of which were from the expert server. I guess I should put the disclaimer that the day timing was altered a little bit so it’s not perfect in sync with the route.

Up first is a flight from New York to Tokyo on ANA’s 777-300ER, followed by a short hop from Munich to London on board a British Airways A320. 3D buildings all around! Enjoy!

V1, Rotate!

Banking on approach to RJTT

Two JAL A350s and one ANA 777

Activity at the terminal

Switching it up, at the terminal at Munich

A backlit, but otherwise great photo

The British Airways livery works really well with a blue sky and clouds

A view of the cockpit at sunset


Great photos!👍

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Thank you! Glad you liked them!

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Photo 7 is my favorite. The plane looks so cool with the clouds!

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You’ve taken some quality photos! Really enjoying watching it :)

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Fantastic photos! The clouds and buildings make the screenshots stunning. Great shots!

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@Fake_Boeing737 Thank you! I agree the clouds really look great

@GEnx Thanks! I’m happy you liked them

@Sashaz55 Thanks! Yes the buildings and clouds have made screenshots 100x better

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Great! Awesome pictures

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I really like the photos of takeoff out of Munich and the sunset from the cockpit

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@LorenzoBefumo Thank you!

@KangarooIF Thanks! I switched to cockpit view after takeoff in the replay and saw how the clouds and sun were perfectly oriented through the windows - definitely made for a great photo!